Process of Illumination


Once again, as I sit down to write, hours behind schedule and not sure what to write about, the universe (via Facebook) gives me a gift.

I arrived at Rooster and opened Facebook to send a quick note to a friend. She’s a real-estate agent and I’m asking her to help me begin the search for my new office (I’m hoping to find a building to buy in the next year that I can use as an office/studio/workshop space somewhere in Riverdale.) When I finished my note, I checked my notifications and saw the following comment, which is referring to a photo I posted of a painting I did over the weekend:

Tracy, you are certainly NOT the person I met in Mrs. Burnett’s English class all those years ago (lol!)  As if! The peril of moving away and not seeing people change and grow over time! (Not to mention the limitations of my own ability to perceive you back then, etc.!) Your paintings are beautiful, your interests and wisdom inspire, your life experience and innate talent demonstrate your depth and love and abilities. Beautiful. #rockongoddess!

I’ll bet you can imagine how that made me feel.

Actually, I was so overwhelmed that I wasn’t even able to sort out all of the emotions it evoked within me… and I wanted to feel them all… so I sat for a few moments and let it “land”.

Here’s what I came up with:

Speechless. Overwhelmed. Validated. Seen. Encouraged. Appreciated. Excited. Brilliant. Motivated. Beautiful. Healed. Connected. Sexy. Amazed. Purposeful…. I could go on… but the hashtag he added really summed it up… #rockongoddess!

Rock On Goddess!!!

Damn right!

Last week, I wrote about exploring my feminine energy and even though I didn’t specifically use the word “goddess” I do believe that this is a more accurate description of what I’m stepping into. I don’t know if my Facebook friend reads my blog or not, but regardless, I’m impressed with how the universe continues to show me that the path I’m on and the discoveries I’m making are not going unnoticed by others. And the fact that others are paying attention and taking the time to share their feedback is important because I’ve learned that the journey toward Self-Love is not one that’s meant to be travelled alone.

I know it sounds as if Self-Love is mostly about developing a healthy relationship with ourselves so we can know our worth, make better choices and realize that we don’t need anyone else to “complete” us but I believe that’s only part of the journey. The deepest and most profound experience of Self-Love is when we can truly risk being ourselves out in the world and in all kinds of relationships…from intimate partnerships to long-distance “cyber” friendships. When we can feel safe and connected to others because we have discovered and accepted who we are and we are willing to be vulnerable and authentic, no matter what. When we know that our inner foundation is so strong that we are able and willing to take on the care and love of another human being without expecting them to be anything other than who they really are. We are meant to be connected to others and it is only through relationship that we discover what true Self-Love is.

I have to say, I’m pretty excited by this prospect and I’m really enjoying putting all of these new discoveries into practice with the people in my life. I’m amazed at how many new people I’ve met this year who are in such harmonious alignment with where I’m at and how the people I’ve known for years (and some whom I’ve barely seen since high school) are suddenly revealing themselves in a new and wonderful light.




I’m not sure what else I can say about that. I’m just really grateful. Life has its ups and downs but, overall, it’s pretty darn excellent.

All blessings to you…