Note: This post was written before I became Christian in 2017. I have since renounced New Age philosophy and its teachings Process of Illumination

“Be”-ing in the Spiritual Bubble

Well, things are getting a bit surreal these days, even for me!

At this very moment, I am participating in a series of online “gazing sessions” with a man named Braco from Croatia. You can read more about him and participate in the sessions yourself here. The series began today at 10:00 am EDT and continue, on the hour, (10:00 – 4:00) every day for 13 days and there is no fee involved. I’d be really curious to know what your experience is so, if you plan on participating, please feel free to comment below or send me a private message or email.

I’m not exactly sure who invited me to this event but it came to me via Facebook. I usually don’t take notice of too many of the events I’m invited to because there are so many and I already have quite a full schedule to begin with. Nevertheless, this one popped out at me for some reason and I decided to read about it. What struck me is that it seemed to be similar to something called “Deeksha” or “The Oneness Blessing”  which I was introduced to when I was at The Omega Institute’s Ecstatic Chant weekend over labour day. Because of the amazing experience I’ve had with Deeksha, I wanted to see if Braco’s gaze had the same effect. There are countless testimonials from people saying that they have experienced everything from improved relationships to profound healing and cures from dis-ease to awakening to higher states of consciousness. As you know, I am my own guinea pig so I’m going to participate in as many of the gazing sessions as I can over the next 13 days and see what happens. At the very least, it is a lovely few moments of peace and an opportunity to view the gorgeous backdrop of the Islands in Croatia, while listening to the lapping of the sea as the sun goes down.

At the time of this writing, I have done 3 gazing sessions and have felt, very specifically, the following energy/feelings emanating from his gaze: Forgiveness; Love; Approval; Knowing; Acceptance; Understanding… those are the ones I can remember… 

In addition, during the 3rd gazing session, a feeling washed over me that felt like he was telling me how much more beautiful I am now, as I age and mature.

It brought me to tears.

These kinds of experiences seem to be finding me, more and more, these days. Since I came back from Omega, a little more than two weeks ago, I feel as if I’ve been in a kind of Spiritual Bubble. It’s like I’m surrounded by this soft cushion of light and love and things that would normally bother me just don’t have the same effect. It’s not that they don’t register… it’s more like they register and I might feel the beginning of a “reaction” and then the reaction just fades away. It just doesn’t “matter” enough to put my energy there. In fact, I think that’s a big part of the shift I’m feeling. I seem to be naturally floating through life and deciding where to put my energy as I go. If it feels right, I do it. If it doesn’t, I don’t. It all just feels so effortless.

I’m honouring my body much more now, than ever before. That mostly means that I’m eating healthier, exercising more, taking better care of my muscles and skin, chanting and meditating regularly and minimizing my exposure to things and energies that don’t resonate with where I want to be in that moment. And yet, that doesn’t mean I’m consciously restricting myself from things. I’m either naturally drifting away from them or I’m unconsciously “asking” my true self what I want in each moment, letting it answer and then choosing (and fully enjoying or embracing) whatever that is. What’s more, there is no judgement, regardless of what I choose because I trust that it is the right thing for me in that moment. On the weekend, one of those things was a delicious, home-baked cranberry-pecan square from an amazing bakery in Perth, Ontario. I could taste the butter…so decadent… it was glorious! I was reveling in every bite. Earlier today, I was crossing the street and a man, who was approaching me in a car, honked at me because he decided that I wasn’t walking fast enough and he did not want to slow down. I got angry and spoke out at him. I was perfectly justified and it felt good to own and express the feelings it brought up. Most days, however, what my body/soul wants is really simple: good nutrition… physical movement… chanting… meditation… connection to Self and Spirit through meaningful relationships and meaningful work… honesty… authenticity… all with a backdrop of stillness and simplicity.

Awakening into Oneness: The Power of Blessing in the Evolution of Consciousness

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By Arjuna Ardagh

“Be”-ing in this Spiritual Bubble has taught me that life can really be that simple. When I set the intention to trust only my intuition a few weeks ago, I had no idea the gifts that it would bring. I know I have been guided all my life but I now realize that that was just the tip of the iceberg.

I want to share more about what has happened this week, but today is my posting deadline and I have run out of time.  I admit that, instead of writing my blog this Tuesday, I attended a day-long Deeksha/Sacred Chambers ceremony in Mississauga. It was an amazing experience and I hope to write more about it next time. In the meantime, you can start your own research by reading the book, “Awakening Into Oneness” or visiting the Oneness University website.

So, I’ll leave it here… I also want to do one more gazing session before I go to pick up my son from school… which I’m SO excited about because he’s started high school in Thornhill and is now living with his dad most of the time. My time with him now seems so precious, and I’m grateful for every moment.

Many more blessings to come!