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The Self-Love Sisterhood: Part One

On April 14, 2013, I assembled a small group of women together for the first meeting of a group I now call “The Self-Love Sisterhood”. These women were all clients of mine and had never met before. They didn’t know much about what the group would be like and neither did I, but what we did know was that we had each found ourselves calling out to the universe for a new kind of connection. Each of us knew that we were shifting and evolving and that, on some level, things had to get shaken up. We needed to change things, take some risks, and we needed to surround ourselves with people who “get” what that’s all about. People who are doing their “work”. People with the courage to be vulnerable enough to discover what it takes to truly love themselves.

The inspiration to start his group came when I returned from a Meditation Retreat in Puerto Vallarta in March of this year. My experience there had moved me to a point where I felt I had to bring more of my authentic self into my life and into my practice. It was clear to me that the next leg of my journey was about Transparency, Vulnerability, Connection and Liberation and I felt strongly that some of the professional boundaries which existed between me and my clients were a barrier to the kind of connection I felt was necessary to take our work to the next level. It was unconventional, it felt risky, and yet I knew with every fibre of my being that it was necessary.

So, I decided to try an experiment. For the longest time I have wondered, fantasized even, what it would be like to get all of my clients in a room together. I love them all so much (every single one) and I feel like they are a part of my extended family. They are all such awesome and courageous people and I knew it would be incredible to see them meet and interact and share what they have learned with one another. However, a gathering of that sort might be somewhat overwhelming for everyone concerned and I’m not sure a few hours of mingling would really accomplish the experience I was desiring (although I still haven’t ruled it out).

And then, an inspiration came to me. It occurred to me that there are a group of women in my practice who are all roughly the same age/marital-parental status etc… Demographically speaking, it was a good fit but as I thought more about it I started to get really excited and, over the next week or so, I found myself “pitching” the idea to each of them, one by one.

Even though I felt this idea was so “right” I was not prepared for how eagerly each of them would respond to it and, after speaking to each of them, there was no doubt in my mind that my inspiration had been influenced by the vibration and intention that each of us had been emitting for some time. The collective plea of “find our people” had been so strong in each of us that I believe we manifested a way to come together – now.

Since our first meeting, I have been amazed, overwhelmed, worried, inspired, triggered, encouraged and every other emotion under the sun, but mostly I am more convinced than ever that this group is meant to be in more ways than we could have imagined. Our collective energy, skills, vulnerabilities and personalities, have come together to create something far greater than any of us realized at first. I think we all agree that we are participating in and creating a “movement”, of sorts, which has a purpose and a momentum all its own.

And that is why I chose to write about it now, while it is all happening in real time. I hope you enjoy the unfolding of the Self-Love Sisterhood story in my weekly blog posts and that you will be inspired to reach out, ask questions and give feedback.

Next week, I will continue the story and begin to share with you some of the important elements that we have incorporated into our guidelines such as “Selfish Heart Practice”, “Tuning In”, “Blessitude”, and our Online Forum, to name a few.

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Until next week,

All Blessings to You…


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