Process of Illumination

Switching Gears

This week’s entry will be shorter than usual because I’m writing on Friday night and I want to get it published before you all wake up on Saturday morning. I know how much some of you enjoy reading it first thing :).

I didn’t go to Rooster to write this week because I received some interesting feedback from two readers regarding my last post which really made me  pause and think about what I’m putting out in this blog. Both of the people who wrote to me are NLP/Hypnosis practitioners and trainers and, after reading some of my recent posts, they felt I would benefit from learning some skills that would help me cut through the limiting beliefs and painful emotions that I’ve been describing lately. The fact that this message came from two different sources was very intriguing to me and made me feel quite sure that this was something I should take notice of. Since then, I have been “checking in” with people I respect  in an effort to ensure that the message I am putting out to my readers is not having a disempowering effect on them…or on me, for that matter. I invite you to write to me if you have any insights you would like to share.

One of the emails came from someone whom I have known professionally for over 15 years and we met tonight so that she could help me understand why she felt it necessary to write to me. The concern that she pointed out is that, in retelling the story the way that I did, I was simply giving energy to and recycling the very emotions that I am trying to overcome. At first, I was resistant to this perspective but, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that there was a lot of validity to it. Even though my intention is to inspire and help others feel that they are not alone and that I can relate to what they are going through, it does seem possible that there is a fine line I may have crossed without even realizing it. The truth is, I know very well that negative emotions are important signals from my unconscious mind telling me that there is a limiting belief that I have not fully dealt with yet and instead of “processing” the emotions (which now seems pretty “old school”, given what we know about brain chemistry) I really should be thanking my unconscious mind for taking the opportunity to alert me to the fact that there is an “old file” that needs to be deleted. Unfortunately, what was happening is that I was letting myself get distracted and caught up in the emotion and the “story” of the exchange that was taking place rather than realizing that it was simply a reminder that there was an older emotional issue that was still unresolved.

In the time I spent with my friend, she shared some truly valuable tools for how to “delete” these old files. I plan to learn whatever more I can about this in the coming weeks and, as I do, I look forward to sharing my experience with you.

Off to bed now…