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Divine Movement… Can you feel it?

Dear friends and followers…

I am so grateful for those of you who have found my blog and my corresponding posts to be helpful, entertaining or inspiring over the past several years.

As the title of my blog indicates, what is enclosed herein is, in fact, a documentation of my personal ‘Process Of Illumination’ and, therefore, I feel it’s important to let you know that I’ve experienced a very significant and profound ‘inflection point’ in the past year.

You may have noticed that my last, full blog post was from Greece last May (2016)… almost a year ago… and although it was not my intention to stop writing for this long, I realize now that this unintended ‘pause’ was orchestrated by God (yes, God) in order to allow for a major shift in my perspective, a huge re-evaluation of my spiritual beliefs and a massive acceleration in terms of my knowledge and maturity.

So many of you have been asking when I’ll be writing again and I’m here to tell you that there WILL be more blog posts to come… in fact, I feel they’re coming SOON... but whatever the message is, it’s just not ‘ripe’ yet so please be patient :)

However, I want you to know that, when they do come, you may notice that they’re significantly different… because I’m significantly different.

I have no idea how the new posts will look or sound but I hope you’ll stick around, pay close attention, be curious and suspend any judgement or disbelief you may have until you get a sense of where I’m at and how I got here.

Pretty much everyone I speak to lately has a strong sense that there is Divine Movement happening around us and I hope my experiences, shifts and insights will help us all make sense of it.

These are confusing, miraculous times we’re living in and… NO…. you’re not crazy.

Hang in there…

God bless you all… and I look forward to sharing many miraculous, illuminating and inspiring posts with you again very soon ???