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Who Is Jesus?

Greetings friends!

In the spirit of cultivating and contributing to a more authentic Christmas experience, I’m sharing this excellent short video about who Jesus is.

It’s important to watch, regardless of your beliefs or worldview because I believe that, as I was, many people are either confused or had some misunderstandings about Jesus. This video addresses the most common questions we have about Jesus and I recommend it to everyone who is curious about Jesus or has ever asked the question “Is Jesus Real?”

The answer to the question of “Who is Jesus?” is fundamentally impactful to people everywhere, therefore it’s important to understand this, not just for clarity from a spiritual perspective but from an existential one as well.

For those of you who are in your own “Process Of Illumination”, I am quite sure that, at the very least, you’ll find this interesting and something to rumble with. :)

I truly hope you’ll watch it.

Happy Holidays!