Process of Illumination

Things I Want to do Before I Die (in no particular order)

I feel that I would change/add to a few things on this list, as it was created very hastily as an assignment for a workshop I attended. I understand and encourage the philosophy behind this kind of exercise, but mostly, I find it really hard to come up with things that I’m absolutely sure of, because I find it limiting, as I am constantly evolving.
How can I possibly know what is truly out there or possible? Our imaginations can only take us so far, and I have found that what is actually possible is far beyond anything I could have dreamed up for myself. If you asked me to do this 2 months ago, I would have never thought that certain things that I have found since then were waiting for me, and yet I have had some pretty mind-blowing awarenesses and I’ve been given gifts that I would not have asked for, but that I could not be happier about.
Sometimes absolute perfection comes in strange packaging and in a form that we would never guess. And very often, true joy comes with a whole set of contrasting circumstances and emotions which force us to search for the treasure inside, so that we can really appreciate it when we see it.I’m just grateful that I have an open mind, because I can allow all the limitless possibilities to come through and plop themselves right in front of me. I can dream the biggest dreams, and I yet know that what I have dreamed is only the tip of the iceberg. I expect the universe to deliver so much more than I have imagined, and it always does.Having said that, here are some things that would seem nice now.

1. experience every corner of the planet, and I mean every corner
2. learn to play the guitar
3. sing in a rock band
4. hang out with the dalai lama
5. have an intimate party with jackson browne
6. realize and experience the ultimate vision of the flowerchild festival
7. live in a small town
8. live in hawaii, amsterdam
9. re-connect with old friends
10. find my mother’s family
11. write many books – published would be nice
12. fly
13. study more about philosophy, religion, spirituality
14. experience a true “sangha”
15. start a discussion group with spiritually “open” people from all backgrounds and interests
!6. have a forum to interview famous personalities about their journey of self-discovery
17. forgive everyone and everything
18. go on a bike trip through europe
19. work at an overnight camp
20. yearly vacations with my sister
21. dance at my grandchildren’s weddings (great-grandchildren, too)
22. develop a relationship with those who have a great influence on my life, but whom i have never met
23. make a difference in the world
24. speak, teach, write & mentor as many people as possible
25. love, love, love
26. build the home of my heart’s desire
27. find a sport that i love
28. ride horses again (fly)
29. do a firewalk
30. find where I belong
31. facilitate and witness peace on the planet
32. watch a baby being born
33. love myself unconditionally
35. live the questions, love the answers
36. write a column
37. have a radio show
more to come…