Like no other technique, we go to the root cause of any problem and effectively “dig out the root of the weeds” — then planting new and positive seeds that blossom into empowerment! The approach is dynamic and all-encompassing.

You’ve Heard Me Talk About It, Now Here It Is!

For those who are seriously ready to change NOW, this amazing 2-3 hour session releases negative emotions and limiting beliefs to reveal the authentic, powerful you. This amazing one-on-one session gets you the results you want in just one day! You’ll develop more self-confidence, release negative emotions of anger, sadness, fear and guilt and more. Fears, phobias, anxiety and depression are easily cleared with this deep intervention.

Those who are not updated with the latest advancements in human change technologies — or those with old, outdated orientations — may tell you that change takes longer. This is not the case. We use world’s most powerful change technologies: NLP and Timeline Therapy®.

Quantum Breakthrough sessions are great for people who find themselves with issues or problems that they have been unable to resolve via traditional therapy, possibly due to limiting beliefs, self-confidence issues, or past experiences. If you have ever found yourself getting into similar situations again and again — or if you keep repeating the same undesirable behaviours/habits — a Quantum Breakthrough session is for you!

Together, we discover your hidden potential and bring into your awareness your true self. You will develop self-confidence, self-acceptance, inner balance, level-headedness, inner peace, happiness, a sense of direction and motivation and so much more. As you learn about your deepest values in life, your confidence and self-esteem will increase as though by magic!


Signs you need a Quantum Breakthrough

If you find yourself getting in similar situations again, and again; if you keep repeating the same undesirable behaviors/habits; or if you find yourself saying or thinking:

  • I wish I could, but …
  • On one hand, I want this — and on the other, I want that…
  • If I could find a way to do…
  • I just can’t let it go…
  • I just can’t do this or that – I have tried but I just can’t stop doing…
  • I don’t know why I feel this way…
  • Why do I keep doing that…
  • I can’t deal with it now; it’s still too painful…
  • I wonder how people overcome such problems…


A Quantum Breakthrough is ideal for:

  • Improving Relationships
  • Developing Self-Confidence
  • Improving or Developing your Career
  • Improving Physical Health and Well-Being
  • Improving Mental & Emotional Issues
  • Increasing Self-Motivation
  • Setting A More Useful Direction in Life


How does a Quantum Breakthrough work?

A Quantum Breakthrough session is a unique personal development session, which has been tailored specifically for you. The objective of this session is to empower you with tools to allow you to let go of negative emotional baggage, hindering and limiting decisions and beliefs that have held you back.

Quantum Breakthroughs vary from one client to another, depending on the nature of the issue being resolved. Typically, the process involves approximately 1-3 sessions of 2-3 hours each.

Using NLP techniques and Timeline Therapy® we can remove limitations and integrate any conflicts that have been created in your mind. You are aware of your conscious values but probably not aware of the unconscious values which drive your behaviour. We will work on aligning your values — conscious and unconscious — and to get you to your goal.

A Quantum Breakthrough can be a task-oriented process between sessions — depending on the work to be completed by both you and the coach. All tasks are intentionally and specifically designed to highlight the deeper layered structures of the presenting problem. The assigned tasks loosen your model of the world, break through any conscious or unconscious resistance, and install new skill sets and awareness. All tasks may be uncomfortable in the beginning — but being uncomfortable is a sign that you are growing.

In the initial session, you will be asked to complete a Detailed Personal History, which is a series of questions designed to understand the far-reaching complexity and underlying nature of the problem. All subsequent sessions are uniquely designed to interrupt and eliminate the problem, providing you with new resources, new strategies and techniques, sustainable goals for the future, and the emotional and behavioral framework to achieve lasting success.

Moving Forward: At the conclusion of your Quantum Breakthrough Session, you’ll learn to look beyond the concerns that may have held you captive, and move forward toward achieving your highest aspirations. You will develop new values and new sets of beliefs about yourself that will have you moving in a direction that will produce the successful results in your life.


How Many Quantum Breakthrough Sessions Will I Need?

You may be pleasantly surprised that most issues are resolved in a single session, with one or two follow up session(s).

The techniques talk directly to your unconscious mind, where all the lasting change takes place quickly. As you let go of negative emotions, limiting decisions, and beliefs, you will learn how to formulate exciting goals using precise language that your unconscious mind understands.