Working with me, either individually, as a couple or in a group/workshop setting will assist you in achieving a sense of mastery over your challenges.

Through my own personal and professional experience, I have learned that Unconditional Self-Love is THE most important element of  wholehearted living.  I am passionate about teaching (and modelling) the principles & practices of Self-Love , which begins with mindful awareness and finding the courage to be vulnerable, imperfect and, ultimately, fully authentic.  

Becoming familiar with these aspects of ourselves will help us learn to embrace our challenges by seeing them as gifts and opportunities for expansion. Allowing ourselves to truly see… and celebrate… the complete picture of who we are and stepping into the truth of our own worthiness is what I call Unconditional Self-Love.

The resulting experience is a tremendous sense of freedom and feelings of self-efficacy, confidence, and peacefulness. Through the Self-Love coaching process, you will gain a sense of your own responsibility in creating the current outcomes in your life, and the ability to create the type of life you want.