Why Isagenix?

Let me begin by telling you my Isagenix story…

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In 2007, I experienced a few of the most challenging months of my life.

All at once, my marriage was in jeopardy, I was facing some major financial upheaval and, as a result, I was under a great deal of physical and emotional stress. As was my pattern at the time, I tried to remain strong, resourceful and just get through it all. My eating habits were terrible, I was becoming increasingly weak and irritable and I was struggling with my weight. Instead of stopping and taking time to evaluate what I needed, I kept piling more and more on to my plate. It wasn’t until I became so weak and pale that I could barely function that friends began asking me what was wrong. I answered that I couldn’t think of anything except the stress I was under and that my period had lasted a lot longer than usual.

In fact, I had been bleeding, quite heavily, for three weeks straight.

My friends recommended that I go straight to the hospital and it was there that I discovered that I was hemorrhaging from my uterus and my hemoglobin was so low that I needed a blood transfusion and a D&C to stop the bleeding. Thankfully, this intervention was successful and the bleeding stopped. I was then ordered to bed rest and given iron supplements to get my blood levels back to normal. The supplements, however, were not working as effectively as the doctors had hoped, even though I was eating lots of iron rich foods. I even began to eat the one food I had always loathed… beets! In spite off all the rest and the iron rich foods and supplements, I was still very weak and emotionally low.

It was around this time when I spoke to a colleague of mine who recommended I try a product called Ionix Supreme by Isagenix. Within a week of taking it, not only had my blood levels returned to the normal range, but I had more energy and felt more emotionally balanced than I had in many years. I was so grateful to my colleague for recommending this “miracle” product!

I continued to take the Ionix Supreme as a regular supplement for several years before I even tried any of the other Isagenix products. However, in 2014, I found myself on a “Self-Love Journey” that had began with the complete upheaval of my life, those seven years earlier. As I began to truly fall in love with myself, I came to realize that I had been neglecting so many of my needs, for way too long. I had spent years working on my mental, emotional and spiritual health but the one area that had still been trying to get my attention was my body. All of a sudden, I began to develop the utmost gratitude and compassion for my body and what it does for me each day… and I decided that I was going to begin to honour it and treat it in the way it deserved to be treated. Part of that decision meant that I had to get my body back on track and have a better understanding of what foods and supplements were right for me. I thought a good, nutritional cleanse would be the best way to start. Not any of the fads that I had tried in the past, but a real, educated and well-rounded approach to cleansing my body and preparing it for a new, long term and sustainable nutritional approach.

I reconnected with my old colleague, who had originally recommended the Ionix Supreme, because I had already had a great experience with the product and had heard that he and his wife had recently become even more involved with Isagenix and were now earning a six figure income from sharing the products with others. I wanted to talk to someone whom I trusted and who really knew the products so that I could be sure that Isagenix products were made from all-natural ingredients and that their business practices were in alignment with my core values. After speaking with my colleague and his wife, I was even more excited to try the products. I started with a 30 Day Cleanse and was so happy to discover that the shakes are actually delicious! I immediately felt my vitality and energy increase to levels which I had never felt before.

At 53 years of age, I can honestly say I feel healthier than I did at 33.

I was SO excited by how great I felt that I wanted to try every product in the line and begin sharing my story with everybody I knew!

Thankfully, Isagenix has many amazing packages to get you started at a variety of price points. By this time, I was so convinced that this was the greatest thing, I went all out and opted for the Business Pak which not only includes the Weight Loss and Energy Solutions but also the Age-Defying Skincare and Healthy Aging Supplements. It was a bit of an investment, but I’m so glad I went for it. Using these products every day has helped me optimize my new, healthy lifestyle and I’m quite convinced it has already added years to my lifespan. People comment regularly that I seem to be “getting younger”, both in looks and vitality. Plus, it also gave me enough to sample and share with my friends and family.

Today, the products I can’t live without are Ionix Supreme; Ageless Essentials Women’s Formula with Product B (AM/PM paks); Rejuvity Skincare System; IsaLean Shakes and IsaDelight Chocolates

If you are ready to totally transform your body and your life, and be supported by an amazing community of people who are committed to health and happiness, I’d be happy to talk to you about the opportunities that are available with Isagenix.

To learn more about how to get started, contact me  or visit my Isagenix Page

In the meantime, here some videos to get you started…

Why Isagenix?

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To learn more about how to get started, contact me  or visit my Isagenix Page