Dear Soul-mates,

As many of you may know, “Sangha” is a sanskrit word meaning “community” and in Buddhism means “the assembly of beings possessing some degree of enlightenment”.

After many years of hearing friends and clients express to me how they wish they could spend more time sharing enlightening experiences with those who are interested in gaining a broader perspective and exploring greater possibility, I began to ponder the unique opportunity for personal growth that is presented when a society of like-minded souls comes together.

As a result, I founded Club Sangha on November 11, 2006, under the umbrella of Soul Spa Wellness Studio Inc. with a vision to host gatherings and events that would Awaken the Spirit, Ignite a Sense of Adventure, Encourage Social Consciousness and Inspire the Soul.

The idea is to bring people together to socialize, discover and grow in meaningful and inspiring ways. We’ll be offering things like movie nights, retreats, personal growth workshops and seminars as well as opportunities for outreach in the community.

Part of what Club Sangha will introduce is a social support network for “newly single” adults called “Suddenly Solo”. This program will help to empower and uplift individuals during the often traumatic transition of divorce, or death of a spouse through networking, social events, support groups and self help seminars covering a range of topics from legal advice to how to hook up your computer. The focus will be to reinvent the experience of life after marriage and make it a powerful opportunity for transformation!

There is much to look forward to, and I encourage all of you to get involved, share your ideas and become an instrumental part of the Club Sangha experience!

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