Process of Illumination

The Secret , Law of Attraction and the origins of my Spiritual Beliefs

From February 18, 2007
What’s all this Buzz about The Secret?

Ok, friends, this is HUGE! Can you feel what’s happening?

The last few weeks have literally been a dream come true for me. As I watched in amazement on February 16th when Oprah aired a SECOND show about The Secret, only a WEEK after the first one aired on February 8th, I understood that a miracle is truly manifesting.

I know that, like me, many of you have understood the principles of the Secret/Law of Attraction for decades or more and I am sure that you must feel the same way I do about what it means that the world is SO ready for this information. For those of you who are just now learning about the Law of Attraction, it is very likely that you will find something in it that resonates with your own ideas about how the universe works. The beauty of it is that Law of Attraction transcends all religions and offers an underlying truth that can be embraced by anyone who believes that there is a “higher power”, regardless of what it is called.

Judging from the overwhelming reaction to Oprah’s first show about The Secret, I believe that this is a really powerful indicator of how many people resonated with the information. Oprah described it as all these people having an “A-HA” moment when they saw the show, and when you have an “A-HA” moment, it means that, in that moment, you have recognized a TRUTH that you have ALWAYS known, but may have forgotten. WOW – that makes me tingle all over!

So now, here’s what’s true for ME in all of this:

Even before The Secret was turned into a book or a movie, and long before it became the most talked about phenomenon on Oprah, I have been blessed with the intimate understanding of Law of Attraction. I believe that I was born with this “knowing” because ever since I was a child, my beliefs have reflected it. I was never raised with any formal religious practices and, even though my religion of choice became Judaism when I was 11 years old, I was only exposed to the “traditional” elements of the religion through holidays and celebrations. What I know now of the religious teachings of Judaism, I later taught myself out of sheer curiosity and a need to prove to myself that I had chosen a religion that fit my inner belief system. When it came to Spirituality, I always knew I believed in a power greater than myself, and always described GOD as being the energy INSIDE of us. Interestingly, this is a discussion I remember having with my best friend at the time, Paula Sypnowich, who was an extremely intelligent person and was being raised as an Atheist. I remember that the subject came up quite often, as we often shared our deepest feelings with one another. I thank her very much for those discussions, as they allowed me to explore what I really felt inside, even though I had no congregation or spiritual leader to guide me. Amazingly, this inner knowing proved to be enough to get me through an extremely dysfunctional childhood.

My stepfather, Jules X Fine (“Julie”) often commented on how amazed he was that I turned out so “normal” after all I had lived through. He credited my mother for this, and I have to agree with him – but possibly for some additional reasons that he might not have given. I’m sure what he meant is that my mother was such a genuine, compassionate and unconventional person, who always saw the good in everyone and everything. She was the type of person who always remembered what was important to you and made sure that she made continuous gestures to make you feel valued and loved. When asked what her religion was, she would reply “I am a Humanist – I embrace all religions, yet practice none” and today, I have to say that I absolutely share her belief system. I also thank my mother for being the flawed and vulnerable person that she was who, through her choices impacted my life and tested me in very profound ways. When I look back now, after all the emotional healing that I have done, I am grateful for those experiences. Had they not been a part of my life, I would not have known the ultimate forgiveness that I now feel and I would not be the very unique person that I am today. I know what it is like to not love myself, and I thank the Universe that I can easily recognize it in others today and because I have STILL gone on to become the best person I can be, I can show others, through my personal story, that it is possible for them, too.

Later on, in my early twenties, I discovered the book “On A Limb” by Shirley MacLean. I read this book back and forth on the bus to work and practiced the affirmations given in the book for everything that I wanted to manifest. I remember being very much in love with a co-worker at the time, and spent my 90 minute daily commute chanting inwardly ‘I am God in Beauty”, I am God in Humour” I am god in Integrity” and anything else that I could think of that would make my co-worker fall in love with me. Even though the situation at the time looked as if our getting together was an absolute impossibility – we began dating within a few months and we have been happily married now for almost 19 years. I had almost forgotten about that period and what I learned from reading “Out On A Limb”, but I realize now but it was my first introduction to “Law of Attraction”. I asked for what I wanted and acted as if I had already achieved my goal. Against all odds, my wish was granted!

Later on, when I was at the beginning of what I now call my “conscious journey” which began after my Step Father, Julie, died in April of 1997 I was referred to Dr. George Roth, a naturopathic doctor who helped me with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I had been going to him for a while and was actually being trained in his “Timeline Repatterning Therapy” technique, when one day, completely out of the blue, he asked me if I had heard of “Abraham”. I told him no, other than the Abraham in Judaism. He then pulled out a collection of 11 tapes and explained that I “needed” to hear this information. I was intrigued, and even though the cost was over $200.00 at the time, I bought the tapes and began listening to them.

I have to say that, on first impression it all seemed very bizarre, mostly because this was channelled information, so it was coming from a group of “spirit entities” who called themselves Abraham. I had only recently been introduced to the art of channelling, so I really knew very little about how it worked or what kind of information could be gained from it. But even more strange was the way that the chaneller, Esther Hicks, spoke when she was interpreting the information that Abraham was giving her. I think she was still fairly new at the channelling game when she recorded the tapes, because I now listen to her CD’s of the workshops she gives regularly, and she speaks quite like any “normal” person and with a great deal of humour. On the original tapes, the language style with which the information came through was quite “out there” and the delivery was much less engaging, therefore it wasn’t that easy to grasp at first. I remember laughing about it with my best friend, Judy, as we would imitate Esther as Abraham. However, once I began to get used to it and was able to really hear the messages, I was truly excited to have some kind of “evidence” from the other side that what I had always believed and practiced was actually a Universal Law!!!

So, you see the principles of Law of Attraction have always come naturally to me, and once I realized what I had always been tapped into, I began to understand how much I could offer others to whom it had not come as easily. I realize now that everything I have been drawn in my life has led me towards a deeper insight and wisdom about how to apply what I know, be it books, workshops, experiences and higher education. As a psychotherapist, I have learned skills that help me to understand where people are at in their lives and how they got there. This knowledge and experience further enhances my abilities to serve others by teaching them what I know and how to apply these teachings.

Over the past year, I have felt the energy shifting, and in the latter part of 2006, it became so clear to me that all of the “junk” that was still left in my “closet” needed to be cast out (and FAST), because the coming year would need my FULL attention.

All at once, beginning in the fall of 2005, I became passionate about “purging” everything that I no longer needed and what was taking up valuable space in my closets and in my life. It started with my possessions at home, and over the course of the next 17 months, I had addressed every conscious, lingering issue that I had been challenged with for most of my life. My quest was for Harmony and Simplicity. I affirmed it regularly and, in true Tracy style, I made sure I followed up on every sign and synchronicity that I was given. Suffice it to say that this period was not an easy one, full of BIG ups and downs, and I am happy a grateful that I am a person who believes that everything happens for a reason. Because of this trust, I am always able to find learning in the “downs”, feel deserving of the “ups” and offer gratitude for BOTH.

Finally, in November of 2006, I began to understand that all of the events of the past year or so were beginning to fit together like the pieces of a great puzzle and I realized that it was time to take a few steps back to admire the masterpiece.

Well, here we are in mid-February and I am cosmically blown away! Since the beginning of the year, I have been offered repeated evidence of what this year holds…EVERYONE is talking about it and MANY, if not MOST want to learn more. So, what are we doing about it?

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