Process of Illumination


Just came across this today. It’s from May 7, 2009 but was never posted.  Must be a good reason for that.

Funny, how breakthroughs often happen without warning.  There we are, living our lives, struggling with the difficulties that are thrown in our path and begging the universe for a break in the drama.  Sometimes it seems as though there will never be a resolution to our problems and we feel defeated, powerless and maybe even hopeless.  But then, one day sunny day in May, we find ourselves sitting across from our best friend who is going through challenges of her own and, as we try to help that friend gain clarity about her situation, we find ourselves blown away by our own wisdom.

That’s what happened to me today.  Twice.

Now, for those of you who know me, its not unusual for me to sit there spewing a monologue comprised of various anecdotes and personal insights, and this time was no different except that the ideas that I was expressing came through so strongly and clearly and with such energy and conviction that we both knew it was more than just me talking.  It was truth.

But that, in and of itself, is not really so remarkable. We have all experienced moments of such absolute clarity that we wonder if we might be tapping into some greater sea of consciousness, right?  And I believe that we all have that power, whether or not we know it or believe it.  So, what was so interesting about today was that, as I spoke, it became evident to me that the level of clarity regarding my beliefs seems to have shifted suddenly.  Its as if I have reached a new level of understanding about (dare I say it) the meaning of life and, even though I haven’t felt very connected to my source recently, it seems that the spiritual work has continued behind the scenes without me even being aware of it.  I had been so distracted by my circumstances over the past two years that I had neglected my spiritual practice almost completely and for me, having served as a guide for others to stay connected to their spirit, I felt that I had not only let myself down, but that I had not been able to practice what I preached to others and that was very troublesome to me.  I kept wanting to regain my footing and waited for inspiration to return so I could have the focus to take action and feel as if I was in control of my life again, but the whirlwind that had taken over my life had its own agenda and it was all I could do to just hang in there until the storm blew over.  Throughout this process I did understand that there were significant lessons I was learning which had to do with trust, letting go, taking risks, relinquishing control, shattering old beliefs, discovering my truth etc… and the insights were abundant.  However, the chaos continued and so I questioned what it was I still needed to learn.  There was still a piece that I must have been missing.

Today, the skies cleared and I realized what that piece was.  That piece is called Surrender.
I’m beginning to think that the gift humans cherish so dearly is actually the one thing that prevents us from finding the peace and deeper understanding the we all strive for.  What gift is that, you ask?


I’m going to let that marinate for a while.